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"To a mind that is still, 

a whole Universe surrenders"

A Little More About Me

Healing with Abi

I am a Reiki and Sound Healing Practicioner.

I started my healing journey in 2019 after I went through depression after having my second daughter. I looked for many outlets but always found myself stuck unable to move forward.

I started to read and gain knowledge about my traumas and chakra blockages, etc. 

I started to do my Shadow Work, the more I dived in the more I started to love the healing practices. I felt a calling into wanting to help people in their paths, and I naturally started to attract people.

2021 was the year I decided to dive into me being a healer and be able to help others in their path of inner growth and healing. 

I hope you let me help you in this beautiful journey.

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Heal ing Services

Heal ing Services

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